1) Listen To Your Prospect

Stop talking and start listening. Ask your prospect questions about problems they may be experiencing that can be solved by using your product or service. Uncover how solving these problems will benefit your prospect. You don’t want to be a “walking talking” product brochure. Instead, you want to a consultant solving problems. 

2) Add Value

Emphasize the value of your product instead of the price. Anything can be made to cost less. A product’s true value is when it is made better and extends needed benefits that are an advantage to your prospect. And, instead of trying to exploit your competition’s weaknesses, focus on the strengths and added value of your product or service. This is how sales are developed and what you discover in sales training.

3) Debating Is Not Selling

Debating with a prospect is never wise so don’t start debating with a prospect when you hear a sales objection. A sales objection is not rejection so don’t take it personally. Winning the debate and loosing the order gains absolutely nothing. Instead of debating, communicate new information that will allow your prospect to develop a new opinion about purchasing your product or service. This skill is called “salesmanship”.

4) Solve Problems

Selling is not about a product or service. Professional selling is all about solving problems. Focus on the “wants and needs” of your prospect and tie them to your product or service. And remember, selling is not about you. Selling is all about your prospects and clients. The salesperson is never the center of attention. Forget your ego and place all the attention on your prospects and clients.

5) Build Trust 

Professional selling is not based on a firm handshake and bright smile. Yes, you have to be professional and pleasant but in business, you must primarily build trust between you and your prospect. Simply stated, people do business with people they respect and trust. Demonstrate that you can be trusted and act as a consultant. Establish rapport with your prospects and clients at the beginning of every sales appointment.

6) Ask For The Order

Selling is about closing sales. Don’t sit back expecting that your prospect will eventually buy from you and ask you for an order form. Instead, ask for the order! You must ask for the order once you’ve shown your prospect that your product solves their problem and addresses their wants and needs. Attempt to close the sale one more time after you've successfully addressed all your prospect’s concerns and objections. 

So, if your are new to sales, I hope you’ll remember these basic sales tips the next time you go to work in your territory. I also want to congratulate you on selecting professional sales as a career. I encourage you to study the best practices of the successful salespeople around you and keep sharpening your sales skills.

Now go out, start selling and become the next Sales Superstar! 

Nick Moreno


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