In my opinion, a good Telemarketing script, or Telesales Script, can be a brilliant tool for both inside and outside sales. Sometimes it will work because of the specific buzz words being used, on other occasions the structure it provides is the key reason for its success.

But, do not make the mistake of believing a good script is the answer to your appointment-setting problems. Even the best scripts need to be updated and refreshed on a regular basis. We all become too familiar with certain lines and phrases, which leads to a loss of the freshness and enthusiasm that gained us appointments in the first place.

Here are some examples of scripts that could work for you.

When referred by an existing customer

Hello, May I please speak with (prospects name). Good morning (use name) my name is Jessica Graves and I was referred to you by (use the name of the person that referred you).

Q1 Did they mention I would be calling?

If No to Q1 then use

Q2 - Oh, well I apologize I thought you were expecting my call. Would it be ok if I briefly explain why (use referring parties name) thought you and I should speak?

If Yes to Q1 use

Q3 - Did he explain what we have been working on together and how it has helped (use referrers company name) (detail specific benefit afforded to referring company)?

If Yes to Q2 use

Q4 - Ok, well by utilizing (your product or service) they were able to (present case study). Would you like to see whether it would also be a good fit for your company? "Yes" great, lets book a time to meet.

If No to Q2 use

Q5 - (Find out why he does not want to speak to you - time constraints or just not interested etc). Try - how about if I send you a brief email with the details and then you can check me out with (referring party)? Could I have your email address please?

If Yes to Q3 use

Q6 - Would you like to see whether it would also be a good fit for your company? "Yes" great, lets book a time to meet.

If No to Q3 find out why, start again and qualify.

Calling on companies in the same industry as your existing clients

Good morning, this is JG from (company name). We have helped (competitor of prospect) to (use case study and benefit statement from that customer - for example, to reduce overtime expenditure ilby 32%). I wanted to get a chance to meet with you to see if you would be interested in seeing whether we could provide a similar benefit to (use prospect's company name.)

True cold call

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). I am calling to try and arrange a time to come in and introduce myself and my company's products to you.

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). I have an appointment with (the name of the person and company in their building or business-park) tomorrow and wanted your permission to stop by your office to introduce myself afterwards.

Good morning (prospects name), this is Jessica Graves from (company name). I just read on your website about the new offices you are opening and wanted to see whether we could meet to discuss how we have helped (list customer names) with their new facilities.

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). Could I come by this week to meet you in person and show you some of our products?

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). We would like to bid on your business, are the right person for me to discuss that with?

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). I wanted to gain your permission to add you to an email distribution I send out once each month.

Good morning (prospects name), this is JG from (company name). Would you be open to meeting with me to help me better understand your company's business?


Jessica Graves


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