A recruitment company based in Weston-super-Mare that specialises in long term temporary and permanent staffing Nationwide has recently added a new payroll service to its day to day operations.

Protemp Staffing Limited decided to offer the service to support companies that operate 0 hours contracts and companies that suffer financially by consistent late payers of invoices which is a continual worrying trend.

Brian Ackland, Managing Director, who has a considerable amount of experience in the recruitment sector decided to initiate the service after seeing many small to medium sized companies struggle with the effects of late and bad payers. The service is open to all sectors and trades and we strive to assist any company that approaches us.

A large order defaults on payment, a larger than expected bill comes in from HMRC, or maybe something as simple as illness or incapacity of the business owner can have a negative impact on the business. The bank may ask for settlement of your loan or refuse to allow you the extra advance you were relying on. Or then, perhaps a build-up of unpaid debts has had a detrimental effect on your cash flow.

“Many small businesses do not have a good credit control system in place, so I decided to give companies an opportunity to concentrate on the business that they are good at and take away the hassle of weekly payroll. In my experience, problems with cash flow, or lack of it can, if not dealt with speedily can lead to serious difficulties or even the ability to continue trading”

The payroll service is being offered to companies that currently operate a 0-hours employment contracts or as a debt respite tool.

“0-hours contracts have been the subject recently of bad press and I believe eventually they will be outlawed entirely. Until that happens, my intention is to be able to offer employees on a 0-hour contract similar employment to which they are currently employed but with another employer in a similar business should there services not be required by the current employer and this is all part of the payroll service. Slightly longwinded, but you get the idea”

Method on how it works

You have staff on your payroll working an average of 40 hours (more or less) per week and or your staff may be on 0 hours contracts. We will employ your staff on Temporary work contracts so in effect they work for Protemp Staffing Limited and not you the client. This will obviously not suit everyone’s needs but for candidates on 0 hours contracts it may prove beneficial in that Protemp Staffing Limited may be able to offer them alternative similar employment whilst they are not required by you the client. However, the candidate will remain on first call for your business.

We as a company will take over the day to day, week to week duties of paying your staff. This will include deductions of National Insurance payments, pension, holiday and other necessary deductions as required by employment legislation, HMRC or as advised by any regulatory body (i.e. child maintenance service etc.) We will pay the hourly rates as advised by you the client to include overtime and Bank Holiday rates. Salary will be paid every given Friday via BACS into the candidates banking accounts.


“The truth is that when problems arise very few SME companies have the skills in-house to cope with the burden that cash pressures place upon a company, and then in many cases, once the business is actively in distress spend a great deal of valuable time fighting fires. As a company we are always looking at innovative methods to keep the wheels turning and I believe that the payroll service is another part of that wheel”

“We are keen to provide this service Nationwide to include England and Wales”

For further details, please call 01934 526778, email: info@protemp-staffing.com or visit http://www.protemp-staffing.com


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